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Why is it so hard to get noticed?
Why can’t I get my account to keep growing?

Have you ever had these thoughts?

The truth is that almost every business owner and influencer has a hard time getting traction and attention on Instagram, even if they’re sharing great content. Thankfully, Instagram operates on a code of reciprocity. This simply means the more you engage, the more engagement you will receive in return. Bamboofy uses this basic concept to get your Instagram seen and heard.

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How Bamboofy Works

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Bamboofy finds your crowd

Bamboofy develops a custom target audience for your account based upon your niche. This ensures that the users you connect with will be more likely to follow you back and even better, more likely to become your loyal followes and customers.


Keep posting as usual!

Bamboofy nevers posts content or comment on your behalf. To get more followers and organic engagement, keep posting great quality content like you do!


Bamboofy generates activity

Bamboofy uses artificial intelligence along with our tested and proven organic growth strategy’s continuous mix of following, unfollowing, and liking specific users and images in your target market at the most efficient, yet organic rate possible.


You get followers!

You will start receiving 100% real, targeted followers and likes for your accounts almost instantaneously. This gives you an even wider platform for distributing truly meaningful content that you can control.

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@theglowingedge Case Study

Influencer Case Study

@theglowingedge grew her account from 9,000 to over 50,000 followers in less than 11 months

Vandana (@theglowingedge) is a travel blogger and influencer. She focuses on finding the best worldwide travel deals to help other travelers on a budget, as well as sharing location specific guides. Learn more about how she grew her account from 9,000 followers to over 50,000 in less than 11 months of using Bamboofy.

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Praise from our users

I really like that you don´t get hundreds of followers over night who in the end unfollow you the next day. With Bamboofy I have the feeling that all my new followers are actually interested in what I am posting which feels really good and is a great motivation. I don´t have to focus on anything else except on what I am posting, no research, no following/unfollowing etc.

Aliya Jasmine


Bamboofy is a dream come true. If you are an entrepreneur strapped for time, Bamboofy is the obvious choice for you. I was in complete shock the first day Bamboofy took over for me. I have learned a lot more that I could have ever though about the buyer persona of my company. I now know more than ever about my target market thanks to you guys.

Michael Jeffersson


My Instagram following has grown far beyond anything I would've been able to do on my own. When I started out, I had a reach of about 1,000 people across 9 different networks. Now, with the increase in my following on Instagram, on behalf of Bamboofy, my reach is over 20,000 people. The communication and partnership with Bamboofy has been amazing.



My experience with Bamboofy has opened so many doors for me. Not only I saw my numbers creeping up, but more importantly - my engagement, which means I was connecting with the right people every day. Plus, if I ever had a question, the support team at Bamboofy would always very kindly respond. Both the service and support absolutely rock!

Joanna Sydor


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Each plan starts with the first 10 days completely free and you can cancel at anytime before then through our website, and you will not be charged at all. On the 10th day, your plan will switch over to the paid option if you do not cancel.

When you sign up, you will be asked a few questions about your Instagram account. Bamboofy then uses this information to curate a specific target audience that is more likely to engage with your content, and follow/unfollow/like from your account.

We do require a credit card on file to prevent multiple free trials for one person. Nothing will be billed for 10 days and you can cancel at any time.

With Bamboofy, you can pay as you grow and cancel at anytime. Simply log in to your Bamboofy dashboard and cancel or change your subscription at anytime.

We cannot give you a specific number of followers you will gain because each account is different in terms of niche, popularity, quality of content, etc. We can however guarantee that you will grow faster than ever before. Our users grow anywhere between 500 – 4500 followers per month.

The number you receive depends directly on the quality of content you post. We have seen accounts that began with fewer than 100 followers receive upwards of 4000 real followers every month while using Bamboofy. We attribute this growth to the high quality content they post.

Yes! You can check out our testimonials by clicking here.

Our research tells us that following a variety of users is perceived as a positive trait for a growing account reaching out to a broad audience. Therefore, we take a proactive approach to building your following instead of waiting around and hoping for followers or paying excessive amounts for advertisements, or worse - buying fake followers.

Furthermore, Bamboofy makes sure to unfollow more users than it follows every single day, so over time your ratio will continually improve.

You absolutely can! However, Bamboofy is not only more efficient at curating a target audience that is more likely to engage with your profile, it uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to constantly update its growth strategy for your specific account. It also saves you the time and effort it takes to make sure you’re growing at the highest possible rate all the time, without getting flagged for mass-following/liking. This allows you to focus your energy on creating the kind of content your followers love.

Yes. As long as you are not mass-following or mass-liking on your own, it is 100% safe. We make sure that we are always up to date on the rules of Instagram, to ensure that your accounts are never jeopardized for any sort of mass-following or spamming infractions. We guarantee that your growth is truly 100% organic.

No. Bamboofy never unfollows any users that were followed before starting it.

Bamboofy is not a follow/unfollow app, but rather a complete suite of Instagram growth service. Bamboofy takes the growth completely out of your hands and handles everything behind the scenes. It uses its expert targeting and growth strategies and to grow accounts safely and effectively, allowing you to just focus on posting content and running your brand.

1. Bamboofy signs into your Instagram account.

2. It creates a target market by combining the information gathered from you, as well as using its own expertise in targeting.

3. Since Bamboofy targets hundreds of users and images per day, it cannot individually inspect each account that gets followed or liked from your account. However, Bamboofy is smart; it uses spam reduction checks to not engage with profiles and users who look "spammy" or are irrelevant to your profile.

4. The main priority for your account is growing an audience of users who will be interested in your content. With Bamboofy, you will be following a bunch of new accounts that you normally would not follow and you will also have to give up the cleanliness of your newsfeed for the time being, but it is all part of the long term growth strategy. Remember, right now the goal is to gain as many real followers as possible, who are interested in your content and brand.

5. With Bamboofy, you can always co-manage your account and unfollow any users who you do not want on your feed. Also, each user followed by Bamboofy is automatically unfollowed after 2 days of following them.